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by Jose Real •

Tricks & Life Hacks for Wearing New Footwear

Like most people, you probably go to buy shoes and they do not fit properly. What can you do? You either 'deal' with the pain or take the DIY route and add an insole (assuming that's hurting your feet). This DIY shoe hack guide will cover a few life-saving solutions for life hacks tricks. I'll show you some shoe hacks on how to make them more comfortable and look better too. I hope this DIY shoe guide helps you. DIY Shoes Life Hacks Tricks: The Shoe Hack Guide! For tight-fitting shoes, include insoles. If you need DIY shoe hacks for smelly feet, then the best tricks are fish oil supplements. Fish oil supplements can help give your shoes a fresh smell again by suppressing the bacteria that makes them stink. Before getting the best luxury shoes mens you need to figure out the appropriate fish oil supplement if you have a smelly feet problem. They work because they contain omega-3 fatty acids, which break down bad-smelling sweat before it starts to smell. If you don't want to take fish oil capsules regularly, get some liquid fish oil drops and put some in your insoles or shoe spray. You'll avoid sweaty stinky feet with either method. And if you're wondering how to make shoes smell good, shoe spray with essential oils is one of the shoe hack solutions for smelly feet! For loose-fitting shoes, use padding If you wear shoes that are half a size or more too big, then you're probably in pain because your foot slides around when walking. So it is better to search for some suitable padding before looking for Italian mens shoes online sale. The pain can be unbearable in some cases, and there can be nothing worse than having blisters on top of an injury. And even if you don't get blisters or injuries from wearing bigger shoes (which you should do), the discomfort is annoying enough. Fortunately, there are plenty of pads that can help you. You can buy some shoe pads from stores, but you'll find they are not as comfy as the DIY ones. So if you have a sewing machine and some spare fabric, try making your DIY shoe padding with this easy-to-follow tutorial. This is a great way to customize your handcrafted Italian leather shoes, too, because you can make so many different shapes and designs of handcrafted padding. We're all about customizing our footwear on this site, like how to change the treads of your shoes or how to colorize your old sneakers. Customizing is fun and can be very rewarding. For better performance, use the appropriate material If you want to enjoy your handcrafted Italian leather shoes but don't know what sort of material to use, then our new tutorial on fabric is just for you! We're always writing new articles about how to upcycle and distress your clothing and accessories into unique items. The best part is that everything we write is based on experience - not theory. If your show is for walking only, the lighter, the better. Hiking shoes will demand more sturdy and flexible materials. Moreover, waterproofing will be another big issue. However, high-quality handcrafted Italian leather shoes and rexin should be the primary choice if it’s all about formal events and outings. For big shoe size people, add padding DIYers need cushioning when they're making their clothes and shoes smaller because the new sizing will probably cause some rubbing. Even if you can't reduce that rubbing away, there are plenty of fillers available to buy. However, have you ever considered making your foam? It's so easy to do, and it adds some bang for your buck because you can shape it into any size or design. Check out our guide on how to make your foam here. For flat feet, get arch support insoles One of the most common problems some people face is having flat feet. And while some insoles insert solutions can be a little expensive, some excellent affordable options are available. Custom-fit insoles will help contour your feet so that you have more support. It will give you more comfort when wearing wider feet, especially if you're conscious about what people think of your feet! For wide feet, people get slimmer shoe inserts Although having flat feet or being a big-footed person is rigid for stiffness, feet are a common problem. If you have wide feet but can't bear to part with your favorite shoes, then maybe you need slimmer insoles. These slim inserts will add some size down so that your foot doesn't look quite so stuffed in there. In fact, they'll probably still have some room to wiggle - which is something most people with wide feet appreciate when wearing their wider fit shoes. For high insteps, make it your insoles We have just about covered everything that you can think of - from DIY-ing your braided belt to custom-sized shoe inserts. But what if the problem is unique to your foot shape? One of the most common issues we see here is high insteps. Many people simply cannot wear shoes because they cut in so much around the arch area, and there's no way to fix it short of surgery. However, this doesn't mean everyone should give up on their handcrafted Italian leather shoes! There are many more to come to make your every step a memorable one.