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10 High-quality Comfortable Shoes for Men in Any Season

by Jose Real |


From stilettos to summer sandals, your shoe game needs to be on point all year round. You need a mix of styles that will work in any situation, from the office meeting with clients and presenting at board meetings or running errands during busy times like rush hour traffic. Check out these seasonal guides for high-quality comfortable shoes, so you're always prepared!


Loafers are a type of shoe that's popular for their wide heel and easy slip-on capabilities. Loafer shoes were originally inspired by the moccasin, which is what Native Americans traditionally wore as their shoe choice--though there are also many other types of loafers available (tassel loafer, penny loafers). 

This best footwear for men is often considered more casual than an oxford or dressier pair of men's lace-up shoes like monk straps. These loafers have no laces to worry about tying each time you wear them out on the town with jeans or khakis  — we wouldn't recommend wearing these simple style slippers anywhere fancy! Try our Amberes Sport Antracite Loafer or Veloce Loafer Cuoio for both a trendy look and style. 


The Oxford is the most popular type of men’s dress shoes and has a sleek, formal lace-up style with eyelet flaps stitched over the vamp. They come in both traditional closed styles or open fronts to allow for more breathability on warmer days. Oxfords can also be worn casually when paired with jeans and business attire!

Kicking off our men’s shoe guide is the mighty Oxford (or Balmoral if you're from the UK), probably one of the best-known types of dress shoes out there today. The oxford features some key traits like its "closed" lacing design, which means that it's got no tongue at all but still offers plenty enough room inside for your toes. You can check the comfort and style by picking Veloce Antracite Celeste Oxford or Veloce Cuoio England Oxford


A stylish staple of the classic British look, Bluchers, and Derby shoes are for men. The difference between them is in their construction - whereas Derby’s have two sides sewn under the vamp to connect with each other, a more modern alternative popularized by John Lobb London called "Blucher" connects both on top of it. With a history dating back as far as 1835, when they were first introduced at an international horse show in Germany where participants had begun wearing boots instead of riding booties, these designer pieces will never go out of style. !


The Derby is a close shoe relative of the Oxford, but it’s not quite the same kind. Rather than having a closed lacing system like that of an Oxford, which has flaps connected at both ends and sewn under its vamp (the top part), Derbies have open laces with their flaps being sewn only under one end - they are then left free to move around when laced up! When this happens, you'll be able to see how each section can bend or wiggle separately from any other area on your foot because all areas are individually stitched together.

The Derby is the best luxury shoes for men’s shoes originally designed to be worn in sporty contexts, but it became more widely used for everyday wear. Derbies are great shoes because they don't look too formal and can provide you with comfort while being chic at the same time!


A brogue is a style of dress shoe with holes in the toes, heels, and around the vamp. There are many different types of Brogues to choose from: The Original Oxford Dress Shoe (the most popular), Loafers, Bluchers, or Half-Blucher Oxfords. However, you decide on your type of shoes, make sure they go well with what you wear!

A Full Brogue or Brogue starts with a wing-tip shoe where the perforations are seen in three places: starting at one of the top corners and ending on either side. A Half Brooks is similar; only it has two long strips that end as decorative medallions near the center of each toe cap; whereas Quarter Brooks has no decoration whatsoever around any part of their construction.

Chelsea Boot

Chelsea Boot - Buy Mens Shoes Online - Jose Real Shoes

Chelsea boots are iconic styles that go back to the Victorian era and have been worn by rockstars like The Beatles, George Lucas’ original Star Wars trilogy stormtroopers, and a variety of other people since then. This low heel style is distinguished from its fabric tab on the backside, slip-on/slip-off quality due to elastic side paneling for easy access into it - Chelsea Boots also come in the rounded toe shape, which can be paired with jeans or suits depending on what you need them for. If you want to feel the tradition in your attire, try Veloce Chelsea Boot.

Boat Shoe

In our men’s shoe guide, we have covered boat shoes. These shoes are ideal for anyone who likes to boogie and rock on the water as they walk along a wet deck of wood or rubber to prevent slipping. Boat Shoes come in two different styles: Derbies with laces that tie over the tongue or Bluchers, tied by elastic bands at various points around the ankle area.

Boat shoes, with their leather laces woven through the collar of your shoe and tying over the tongue to tighten it for a more snug fit, are perfect when you're looking for something that will keep its grip on wet or dry surfaces. Pair them with your most fitting yacht wear or pool clothes (or any other kind of outfit!) for an extra fashionable look!


Chukkas are an ankle boot style with roots in the Derby. Typically made from calfskin or suede, they're created using two to three sets of eyelets and an open lacing system for secure quarters over the tongue. You’ve probably been rocking boots all winter, but in the warmer months, you can switch up your style with a lighter shade. These colors will complement both neutrals and pastels, so it is easy to wear them day or night. You'll still get that same comfortable chameleon status as well as durability while wearing these shorts-friendly shoes!

Monk/Double Monk

The old-school style of shoe has a lot more to it than its name would suggest. Monk straps are recognizable for their buckle and strap, which is much easier on the foot because there are no laces that will cut into your feet or get in between your toes as you walk around all day long. 

Desert Boot

Desert Boots are a type of Chukka, but not all chukkas are Desert Boots. Confused? Here's the breakdown: The name "Desert Boot" comes from the light brown suede ankle boots that British soldiers wore in WWII during their campaigns in North Africa and other desert regions. 

They're also very similar to a chukka boot - they both have leather uppers, laces up around your calves or ankles depending on how you wear them, and soles with an emphasis on traction for different terrains like sand or dirt. However, there is one big difference between these two styles: while most chukkas come equipped with rubber outsoles (some even feature metal studs), the leather outsole is typical in desert boots. 

Before buying men’s shoes online, check all the ten designs and pick the most suitable one based on your preferences and weather.