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7 Best High-Quality Men’s Shoes For Your Wardrobe

by Jose Real |


Shoes are so important—so much so they might be considered an essential item in any man’s wardrobe. I know what you're thinking: "Why bother investing in quality shoes if all we ever wear them for is walking or running?" Well, besides nailing the perfect fit (which isn't always easy), there's something about wearing nice-looking clothes that boosts our mood and confidence. And let me tell you, feeling confident makes life easier. 

We have rounded the seven best high-quality men’s shoe designs that you need in your wardrobe. If you are trying to buy Italian shoes online, visit Jose Real Shoes for the finest craftsmanship and design. Now let’s dig deep into those high-quality comfortable shoes.


Love a shoe that does all the work for you? A loafer is your perfect summertime companion. You can dress them up or down, and they'll go with pretty much anything in your closet! Suede loafers look great paired with denim; the Amberes Sport Marrone Loafer option will add some sophistication to any outfit.

The loafers are a summertime staple, and their versatility makes them perfect for the weekends. With colors ranging from black to navy, green or red, even they're the bolder choice of color, has you covered. Leather is classic, but suede adds an extra touch of polish that might be more your style? A brown loafer will look good with anything.

The loafer may not have all the flashiness lace-ups offer, but it’s so versatile when paired with jeans during those warm months. No matter what shade (black, navy) or material (leather; suede), don't worry about looking under-dressed at any time on Saturday morning brunch because these shoes can take you anywhere!

Oxford or Derby

A black Oxford or Derby is every men’s first formal pair of shoes. But it was one with square toes, which I do not recommend at all! The difference between these two types is that Derbys have open lacing, whereas Oxfords have a closed lacing design. And as for which type is more formal—the Oxford by far!

Oxford or Derby - High Quality Mens Shoes - Jose Real Shoes

The Balmorals are named after the rugged mountains in Scotland that were initially worn. These shoes have their origins back to Ireland and Oxford University, but only when it was called Oxfords!

A good pair of shoes will cost you around $400, but the investment is worth it. To find a quality shoe that lasts for decades, I recommend visiting Jose Real Shoes to buy Italian shoes online. You will find some of the best Italian lace-up shoes at an affordable cost. 

Suede Chukka

The chukka boot is a versatile shoe that you can wear for many different occasions. It's dressy enough to pair with your favorite suit but casual and comfortable enough for everyday wear as well! Whether you're wearing it out on the town or running errands around town, these boots will always look great because of how simple they are designed while still looking effortless. 

While there isn't one specific country where this style originated, we see them being popular in warmer climates like Italy - which makes sense since their laid-back vibe creates a perfect opportunity to kick off those shoes at lunchtime when things get too hot outside!

Chukka boots are a great way to make your suits look effortlessly cool, but they can be dressed down with jeans and flannel as well.


Sneakers are an essential part of any man's wardrobe, as you can wear them to just about all types of events. With the casual aesthetic being ever-popular, one should have a good sneaker option for their outfit when going out and about town or spending time with friends on weekends. 

We recommend buying canvas sneakers in neutral colors such as white, gray, or tan so that you don't need to overthink about what color clothing will go well with them! Sneakers made from leathers like suede always look great no matter what the event is because they never seem dated - even if it's been years since you last wore your favorite pair outdoors and indoors alike.

The canvas sneaker is a must-have piece for any summer wardrobe. It’s casual, versatile, and stylish - perfect when you want to keep it low-key!


When it comes to high-quality men’s shoes, the monkstrap is an option that you can wear with almost anything. They are easy-to-put on and super comfortable, so much so they might make you want to take off your other pair of shoes every time! It's either love them or hate them for this type of footwear - most people fall into one side or another when choosing their favorite style.

In the dark days of old Europe, monks wore special shoes with buckles as sandals were not a good alternative for long walks across the forests. The name comes from this era because they were so popular among clergymen that these are often referred to as "clergyman's boots." Try the Nordve Double Monk Brown Velour made with the finest calf leather through Italian craftsmanship if you want to feel nostalgic.  

A monkstrap shoe is an ultra-stylish option most men can't live without. It's perfect for formal occasions and dressed-up jeans alike, but it works best when worn with pants that have no break (cuff just barely skims the shoes). This will give the buckle all of your attention because you won’t be worrying about any other details on your outfit!

Leather Boot

A brown leather boot is a perfect shoe to add a bit of sartorial sophistication or even rebellious ruggedness. Whether you’re looking for dress boots, casual work boots, chukkas, Chelsea Boots, or cowboy boots, there are plenty of options that will suit your style and needs. If you want to save and show your personality try the handcrafted Veloce Chelsea Boot

You can opt for the dressy or more casual look, but whatever you do, make sure to take care of your boots. There's something about a well-worn pair that just adds character and color to any outfit; some guys even go as far as intentionally beating them up so they'll get their much-desired worn-in feel! 

We recommend brown because it goes nicely with dark wash denim, corduroy pants, chinos - heck, pretty much anything. My favorite way to wear my rugged boots is cuffing my jeans above the boot shaft when wearing shorts or rolling pants cuffs over right below where the laces are located on top of those chic ankle straps.

Chelsea Boot

The Chelsea boot is a style of handcrafted Italian leather shoes that have been around for decades and continues to be popular today. Chelsea boots are typically made with one or two straps on the front, either buckled down tight with laces or held in place by elastic bands. 

The boots have an iconic design, but not everyone can wear them well because they often require some space between your toes due to how narrow they are in the toe box area. And if you also need wide widths, then this type of boot may cause discomfort as these styles usually don't come in those sizes.

Chelsea boots are perfect for a variety of occasions. You can go with the traditional suede or leather, but there is no wrong choice as they come in different colors! The simple and clean silhouette that this style offers means you have endless options when it comes to pairing them!

Each of these high-quality comfortable shoes will make you feel confident and look trendy. Now the hard work is on you. Pick the one that goes with your personality and preferences.