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You Need These 6 Shoes While Traveling To Italy!

by Jose Real |

So, you’ve planned a trip to Italy, how exciting! You need to pack your bags accordingly. Taking staple clothes and shoes is a must when you are traveling to ensure you travel with comfort. If we talk about clothes, there are plenty of blogs that talk about what you should bring along with you during your vacation. As we work on footwear mostly, our advice will be base on what type of footwear you should take your trip. 

As we were doing research, we found out that most travel footwear suggested for Italy trips is women’s footwear. Unfortunately, there isn’t much info about what men should wear and bring along with the trip. This motivated us to write briefly about men’s shoes that will be perfect for the traveling occasion. So, let’s not waste time any further and dive into the topic.

6 Traveling Shoes You Need 

This post isn’t limited to Italian shoes, by the way! We have incorporated shoes that are mostly worn during traveling. So, one advantage of it is that these shoes are common and can be bought by anyone, from any country.

1. Lace-up Leather Ankle Boots

If your motto is to go up on a hike or take long walks, lace-up leather ankle boots will keep up with you. The reason why we love ankle boots like these is that they are multifunctional. You can do so many things and travel so many places wearing these. Need to go somewhere fancy, say restaurants or clubs? Lace-up leather ankle boots have got your back! They are pretty comfortable as they give you that ankle support, and lace ties ensure a tight fit. They come in a bunch of different shades, so you have options too. Not only that, they are budget-friendly too. If you are journeying for a short while and need all-in-one footwear, this is it.

2. Hiking Shoes

Need a hiking shoe that helps walk through the streets of small villages in Italy? You will need sneaker-styled hiking shoes like Scarpas. Why? Because they are lightweight and perfect for navigating trails and terrains. Hikers love and recommend Scarpas all along, so you can rely on them.

3. Sneakers

You will be amazed to know that sneakers are very underrated when it comes to traveling. While it’s true that sneakers may not be as tough and tensile as hiking boots, they do a pretty decent job for long walks on smooth terrain. Another misconception about sneakers is that wearers tend to think that they might be seen as an American tourists solely because sneakers are worn mainly by Americans, but that’s not true. Many Europeans wear sneakers, and mind you; they have some of the best-looking sneakers manufactured there. The sneakers like these have versatility and can be worn with anything from jeans to shorts.

4. Loafers, Dress Shoes & Carreras

Italy isn’t all about walking down the lanes and hiking all day. There are so many places to go, for example, formal occasions, visiting concerts, going to restaurants for dinners, etc. You can’t possibly wear hiking sneakers or boots during those occasions, right? Therefore we have a few options for you. 

Dress Shoes & Carreras - Carrera shoes - Jose Real Shoes

You can go for loafers for casual wear and light walking. The loafers are sturdy yet very easy to put on and off. Another option is the classic monk strap dress shoe that fits the dress-up agenda. Or, you can also Carrera shoes for a more formal occasion like formal parties, going to clubs, etc. Carrera footwear works best mostly with complete suits and adds a dash of color to your overall look. Also, Carrera shoes look damn gorgeous!

5. Driving Mocassins

While driving, you need shoes that are lightweight, breathable but right. Therefore a pair of driving moccasins should be a must in your journey. The moccasins’ purpose is to allow your foot to make contact with the pedal so that you can take all the turns at lightning speed and control. But you need to know that driving moccasins are just for driving; they won’t be much use if you plan to do heavy walking. So, driving moccasins should be an add-on to your travel shoe collections and not a shoe for all purposes.

6. Travel Sandals

It will be an injustice to the footwear collection if we don’t keep men’s sandals on the list. Sandals are great for men who like to walk a lot or go to the beach. The sandals are open, and therefore they will keep your feet dry and cool. It will help to keep you cool during hot weather when socks are a no-no! Easy to put on and take off, taking them to the beach is a great option. That way, you can soak your feet in beach water without the hassles of taking off your boots or socks.


These are some of the best types of travel shoes you need when visiting Italy, in fact, every European country. And no, you don’t need to take all these 6 shoes when you are traveling. We are just giving you options so that it fits your motive of traveling. Remember we gushed about Carrera? You can buy the best luxury shoes for men, including Carreras, from our website. So, don’t forget to take a look!