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What Makes Italian Shoes So Different From The Others

by Jose Real |

Shoes are shoes; does it matter which one is which? Its sole motto is to protect the feet and offer comfort to the wearer, after all. But what if I tell you that the quality and type of shoes do matter. Apart from the functionalities, shoes are considered as fashion in modern days. If you are all dolled up head to toe, a pair of bad shoes may tarnish your look. So, yeah, fashionable, good shoes are very much in trend right now. They can help you achieve that sophisticated image when you dress to impress.

Regardless of gender, the love for shoes remains the strongest. And it just expanded because people aren’t limited to wearing only shoes from a particular country or region. There are so many shoes to explore, including American, Italian, English, Japanese, Portuguese shoes, etc. Out of all the shoes, Italian shoes are very much popular and are worn by many. However, Italian shoes are considered to be different from their other contemporaries. If you don’t know the difference, keep reading the article as we intend to explain what’s so different about Italian shoes.

Bespoke Shoes

We have covered the history of Italian shoes in our last topic, so if you haven’t read it, you should take time to go through it. For those who read the post, you know that Italy has a rich tradition in craftsmanship in leather goods, mainly shoes. You will find shoemakers and their descendants still hand-making shoes from scratch. These handmade shoes are known as Italian bespoke or custom shoes and tend to be very different from factory-made ones. 

Italy has the highest density of bespoke shoemakers across the country. The tailors and craftsmen make various accessories like shirts, leather belts, wallets, shoes, etc. Most of the shops are small yet look very elegant with all the exquisite collections of handmade shoes. The shoes have that rich texture, gloss, and designs that even a non-lover of shoes may feel compelled to buy a pair. Thus, Italian Bespoke shoes can be used as a fashion statement piece.

Let’s talk about how Italian bespoke shoes are made. These shoes are usually hand-sewn Goodyear welt. You can also find the Norwegian welt pattern called Norvegese in Italian shoes. Bespoke shoes are very expensive because they need an intense amount of time and dedication to be made. Therefore, it’s only sold in Italy.

Factory-made Shoes

Factory-made Italian shoes have been popular in the US market. When we think of designer Italian shoes, we think of Salvatore Ferragamo, Melluso, Prada, Tods, and other luxury Italian shoe brands. The shoes these brands make are luxury shoes which means they come with aesthetic designs, comfortability, and a high price tag. And because these shoes are costly, it’s a downside for many customers. But with the advent of technology and the internet, smaller shoe companies are able to produce good shoes within an affordable price range. 

What Makes Italian Shoes Different From The Others

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Sole construction

Italian shoes are mostly made using a stitching method called Blake stitching. The stitching pattern makes the soles more flexible and comfortable for the wearer. In fact, it’s much more comfortable than a Goodyear welted sole. However, in the past, shoes with Blake stitching couldn’t stop moisture from seeping inside. But the modern manmade polyester thread solves the problem and helps the dampness getting through the shoes. 


Compared to American or English shoes, Italian shoes are much lighter. Italians prefer a shoe that is lightweight, flexible, and easy to wear. This brings an advantage to the wearers in a warmer climate as heavier shoes may make your feet hot and sweaty compared to the lighter ones. 

Shapes & Style

Italian shoes tend to be longer and pointier than the American and English variants. But there isn’t a rule that says Italian shoes must be long and narrow. In fact, there are many exceptions where the shoes are made wider and bulkier. The style and shape of shoes depend on the designer and the brand mostly. So, the brand that makes pointy Italian shoes can also make wide, boxy shoes. 


The Italian shoe market is widespread with many tanneries and leather suppliers, making it easier for shoe companies to construct high-quality leather shoes. Many Italian tanneries export leather to countries like English and American shoe factories. Many Italian shoe companies use undyed calf leather, which is then hand-dyed during the construction of the shoes. And that’s another reason why Italian shoes are rich in color and have so many color selections. The hand-dyeing approach makes it easy to incorporate green, blue, burgundy, purple, etc.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there’s no comparison of which shoes are the best. The best shoes depend on the style, material, and construction preference of a wearer. Some prefer Italian shoes while others prefer English or American shoes. But we can’t deny that Italian shoes are something we all want to own, don’t we?

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