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Rules To Keep In Mind When Picking Up Men’s Lace-Up Shoes

by Jose Real |


Do you know? You make your first impression through your feet because your feet are the body parts people notice at first. So, you better invest in some great footgear if you want to create a good first impression. Be it lace-up shoes for men, boots, loafers, you gotta stock them up.

But wait! When I said stocking up, I didn’t mean stocking up any shoes, you see. Shoes are a significant factor in the fashion business, and men love shoes! New shoes come in every season, and therefore you can get very confused as to what to buy and which shoes will look good for your outfit. There are no rules to wear shoes, but factors that determine which shoes will make your entire look stand out the most. And today, we are gonna talk about just that. 

Pick the right kind of shoes

I have already informed you that there are many shoes, including Loafers, Lace-Ups, Monk Straps, Boots, etc. Boots have a huge range of varieties in themselves, so you can understand how big shoe markets are. It’s only normal to get lost while buying one for you. But remember there are always the shoes you want and need. It is best to choose shoes based on the purpose you need them for. Lace-up shoes are quite versatile and can be paired up with both casual dresses and formal dresses. If you aren’t really sure what to buy, lace shoes will save your day! Lace-shoes also have many types to choose from; you can choose the sleek and polished leather lace-ups to achieve an elegant appearance on any formal occasion. Put on the patterned and designed lace-ups if you want to look more trendy and stylish.

Determine the type of pants you are wearing

And this is where most men get it wrong! They choose the right shoes for all the reasons, but they forget to select the pants that will complement those shoes. And the end result is either hideous or hilarious. Always make sure you wear the right kind of outfit that compliments your shoes. I have seen many guys wear sneakers with jeans and a hideous button-up shirt.

Determine the type of pants you are wearing - best lace up shoes - Jose Real Shoes

Now, I also know some people who can rock the look, but that guy simply didn’t rock the look at all! Anyway, let’s not dwell on him; we are getting side-tracked, lol! Also, guys, Italian lace-up shoes don’t go with every pair of pants! Please keep that in mind. But we will also say that lace-up shoes are the most versatile, meaning that you can still manage to nail the look no matter what your pants style is (except for bell-bottoms).

Check the length of your pants

Okay, the issue of pants types is solved. Now, let’s look at the length of the pants. With laced-up shoes, you wouldn’t want to wear your pants with a higher cuff across the ankle joint. You can totally do that with your boots, though, as they tend to cover a larger area of your leg. But fashion is changing, and many men are all about comfortable fashion. They can wear shoes even with higher cuff pants and still look like a million bucks. If you decide to do that, do it but without pairing your shoes with socks! That would ruin your dressing game totally! With this type of dressing, you can go sockless and still manage to rock your look; there’s no need to put on a sock that will just act as black blotch.

Decide how are you going to dress up

Lace-up shoes were mostly suited for formal events and occasions like social events, business meetings, business events, etc. With new types and forms on the horizon, lace-up shoes are no longer worn for formal events solely. You can now pair them up with your casual jeans and wear them anywhere. But keep the dress code in mind. It would be foolish to wear sleek, leather lace-up shoes with your jeans and tees. 

Decide the right color

Colors do matter when it comes to choosing any shoes. A pair of black lace-up shoes can work with anything, be it a tuxedo, a tailored suit, or something more casual. Brown shoes, however, get a thumbs down most of the time when it comes to suits and formal dressing, as the styling may look a little loud, which isn’t a good thing. Therefore always try to pair black shoes with your formal outfit to keep things in sync. Don’t get us wrong, brown shoes are great, but they should be styled differently. For example, you can pair up your formal shirt and pants with brown shoes. If you have blue or green shoes, they are great means to add a little touch of color to your style. You can pair these with the color of watches or ties. 


Best lace-up shoes are those shoes that complement your outfits, and lace-up shoes aren’t going out of style anytime soon. They are perfect for most looks as they are practical and versatile with so many options to choose from. Stick with these rules, and you will achieve that stylish status you’ve always longed for. Want something fancy and handcrafted? Take a look at Jose Real to buy lace-up shoes online.