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What You Need To Know About Monk Strap Men Shoes | Our Collection

by Jose Real |


Monk strap men hoes are considered one of the most popular footwear designs of all time. They're simple to put on and take off, making them ideal for guys who don't like laces like me. The monk strap's exquisite craftsmanship gives it a touch of formality with a refined undertone. In the meanwhile, the straps themselves provide a fun element. 

In this article, we'll look at:

  • What's the story behind this timeless shoe?
  • What are your options to buy?
  • How to wear monk strap shoes and with what?

So, let's stop the chitchat and get into details. 

Monk Strap History 

The actual origins of the monk strap, like many other fashion choices, are unknown. It was named after an Alps monk who invented a unique kind of sandal in the 15th century. According to legend, a gentleman from England saw the shoes and was given a pair to take home. When he returned to England, people were so fascinated with the shoe that it quickly became fashionable.

If we adhere to the facts, we can observe that the monk strap shoe was initially being filed as a registered design in 1901. So, it is more probable that it originated 150 years before then.

Monk strap shoes are now an essential component of any traditional gentleman's shoe collection, and double monks have even gained popular appeal. Men in Mediterranean nations, in particular, often wear partly or wholly unbuckled double monks to emphasize their laid-back demeanour.

What Are Monk Strap Shoes? 

As the name implies, Monk shoes are derived from medieval monks who invented a strap-fastened shoe to offer greater comfort and protection than their customary sandals.

Modern monk shoes are typically elegant dress shoes with a side fastening consisting of one or two buckles. However, you'll sometimes see funky two-tone, patterned, and leopard print versions disguised as men's goth or punk creepers to add an unexpected splash of flamboyance.

Double Monks vs. Single Monks

Ah, the age-old debate: single or double? Many arguments have erupted over this same topic; nevertheless, it is entirely up to your own taste. Monk straps, both single and double, offer flexibility to your outfit. 

The single monk strap is modest and has a cleaner shape, making it ideal for formal and professional wear. Meanwhile, the double monk strap gives you the chance to show off your individuality. Their edgier look works great for weddings and celebrations, as well as casual and casual business events.

Monk Straps: How to Wear Them

The contemporary monk strap shoe's versatility allows it to be worn both casually and officially. Make no mistake: wearing monk straps will get you noticed — for all the right reasons.

Monk Straps with Suits 

A well-tailored suit is the most elegant match for monk straps. Obviously, there are some color standards to follow, but they are becoming more flexible. Black and brown monk straps, like other dress shoes, are still the most flexible colors since they may be worn with a variety of suit colors and designs.

Monk Straps with Jeans 

Keep your jeans thin or fitting for a winning style that crosses the line between formal, elegant, and smart casual.

Monk Straps with Chinos 

Monk straps and chinos are the way to go for a totally stylish statement. This outfit is trendy among the smart casual set, and it's often seen at parties and racing days.

Monk Straps with Shorts 

The monk strap and shorts combination is one of the most difficult looks to pull off. It's based on the same principles as suiting, except for loose shorts and plain socks.

Here are two of my personal favorites:

  • Over a white dress shirt, classic chinos, and a navy blue cardigan. You'll be the best-dressed person in the workplace after you put on a pair of brown double strap monks. This outfit looks great with or without a tie. If the weather warms up, take off the cardigan and tie for a whole different appearance while still looking fantastic.
  • You may combine your double monk strap shoes with a grey V-neck sweater over a white dress shirt and a pair of blue dress trousers. You may make this appearance more official by wearing a tie.

If you're looking to add a pair of monk straps to your wardrobe (which you should be, since they're incredibly fashionable and adaptable), we've compiled a list of the top 3 monk strap shoe for guys.

3 Best Italian Monk Strap Shoes for Men 

1. Mastrich Monk Strap Tuscania

single monk strap shoes - Jose Real Shoes

The unique Mastrich Monk Strap, made of the highest quality calf leather, is a study in elegance. It's made in Italy and hand-painted. It has Blake stitched sole with a rubber insert for extra traction. A footbed cushion is added to the heel for additional comfort. This pair will be perfect for business wear and fancy ensembles.  

2. Nordve Double Monk Antracite Velour

The Nordve Double Monk is made with a smart silhouette from the finest calf leather and a singular sole that provides full traction and comfort. It's also made in Italy and hand-painted to give you a classy look. 

3. Nordve Double Monk Brown Velour

The Brown velour of this Nordve Double Monk is an excellent option for wearing with something casual. Wear it with shorts, jeans, or chinos, and you'll be the center of attraction (for a good reason, obviously!). 

Taking Care Of Your Monks

Take care of your leather shoes like you would any other pair of shoes, and they will last longer. 

  • To absorb moisture and sweat built up during the day, we suggest using wooden shoe trees. 
  • Rotate and rest them to avoid wearing them on consecutive days and to allow them to air dry. 
  • To preserve the 'heel clip' or contour of the back of the heel and ensure a proper fit, use a decent shoehorn. 
  • To keep the leather healthy, use shoe cream. Because Jose Real monk straps have a hand-applied patina, we recommend starting with a neutral cream to maintain the appearance consistent. To conceal any scuffs or scratches, use a similar color cream.

Final Thoughts 

Monk straps have been around long enough to demonstrate their timeless appeal and distinct style. They're also adjustable to the strap system, which adds to the comfort factor. After you've got a pair of Oxfords and Derbies, we challenge you to try something a little more unique: Monk straps. Although their unusual appearance may make them daunting to wear, once you've tried Monk straps, there's no going back.

Jose Real provides high-quality leather footwear for the modern guy and is the pinnacle of class, grace, and contemporary refinement. The Jose Real tale starts as a family enterprise in the heart of Spain, with timeless creativity and passionate workmanship behind each handcrafted shoe. These watershed events prompted the youngest son to create his own shoe line, carrying on the family heritage that started in Spain.

That's all there is to it. Try a pair of monk straps to add a little additional visual intrigue, pop, or edge to an ensemble. Are monks a good fit for you? Or are you a devoted follower already?