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6 Tricks & Life Hacks for Wearing New Footwear Without the Pain

by Jose Real |

Handcrafted Italian leather shoes are the height of fashion, but it's important to remember that they require some breaking in before you can walk aptly. After all, leather isn't exactly made for our usual feet and will need time getting used to soothe them.

Mentioning designer brands often come with high expectations, which may lead us down an unhappy path if not fulfilled immediately after purchase - think uncomfortable blisters through painful steps (ouch!) or even relegating new loves back into storage until next season.

6 Ways to Break In New Shoes Without The Pain

Breaking in your new shoes needn’t be a painful experience. No matter what they are made from, the material will give way to form just for bespoke comfort and ease of movement with these six easy precautions:

Take Your Time

Don't forget to take care of your shoes! You must break in the leather one step at a time. Wear them for short periods, even around the house, with the freedom to change when they start hurting or swell up.

The natural stretching will give room so that feet can breathe comfortably without getting blisters which slow down this process greatly- plus chances are good it'll prevent future issues altogether if done correctly from day one.

Always Keep a Spare

If you are planning on taking your new shoes out, make sure to pack a spare pair of more comfortable ones in case the other shoe doesn't work. Pop an easy canvas flat into your bag just for emergencies or as an end-of-the-night savior!

This will make the experience with your best luxury shoes mens more comfortable than ever.

Lube it to Loosen Up

High quality comfortable shoes can be a bit rough on the soles of your feet, especially if you have sensitive skin and walk around all day. Luckily there is an easy solution! Massage oil such as neatsfoot or mink oils into these areas every night before bed to relieve any pain in no time at all.

It also helps with dryness so that one won't wake up from another nightmare about sandpaper-like heels scraping against their Achilles tendon while walking down corridors during break time between classes.

Keep it Warm

Don't forget to keep the leather of your new high quality comfortable shoes warm- just like skin, if it's not warmed up quickly and consistently, then they'll shrink.

To help them mold better around your feet, use a hairdryer on a low setting before putting in an event or storing away for later wearings - this is especially important when trying out different styles!

Extra Socks Will Be Awesome

The best way to put up your feet is with a pair of socks. Whether you're breaking in new shoes or wearing old ones that have been neglected for too long-a a chunky knit woolen sock can do wonders at night when bedtime comes around.

high quality comfortable shoes - Jose Real ShoesIf it's winter, be sure not to forget about putting on some moleskin before they get wet, so these babies don't hurt after being out all day without getting dried off properly!

Keep the Hotspots Undercover

If you're wearing your shoes for the first time and know which areas of it are giving trouble, follow these steps to soften that part.

You can use an anti-blister balm on hard surfaces like heels or toes if they rub too much when walking around all day long; just make sure not to overdo it because some people have sensitive skin!

Don’t Leave them Loose

When you first get your new handcrafted Italian leather shoes, it's tempting to let out the laces and allow them to breathe.

But in reality, this is not what will make you comfortable! By tightening up these leather ties around your feet, they can stretch, which means more wrapping for better fit sooner - all without having any lasting damage done on either end.

Why Do New Shoes Hurt My Heels?

It's common for anyone who wears new shoes to experience pain in their feet, legs, or back. This occurs because, within the first few times wearing a new pair of shoes, the shoes are usually not broken in and may cause discomfort.

This can be a miserable experience for any shopper who is excited to get a new pair of shoes. There is no particular reason why new shoes hurt; it just seems that way because the shoe hasn't been worn in yet.

Everyone has their level of comfort that they go by when purchasing a new pair of shoes; however, this same concept applies to everyone.

How Long Does It Take To Break In New Shoes

Handcrafted Italian leather shoes like Nordve or Veloce have been around for over 50 years, and they're still one of the most challenging boot companies out there because no detail has been spared in making them so durable!

But even with all their tough-as-nails qualities, it can take up to 6 weeks before your new pair is broken in enough that you won't hurt yourself every time you wear them or if something hits those sensitive areas on the inside near our heal meets foot (or whatever).

Final words

It is easier to buy Italian shoes online than break into a new pair without any pain or blisters. However, this article will help you make your shoes more comfortable to wear and have them longer without any blisters.