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7 Tips to Keep Your Italian Shoes in Top Shape

by Jose Real |

Italian shoes are famous all over the world for their high quality. It is not surprising that best luxury shoes mens keep selling out every year, and people keep buying them, regardless of how expensive they can be.

Do you want to keep your Italian shoes in top shape from the moment you purchase them up until years later, where you can pass them down to another person just like a family heirloom? Then here are tips that will help you keep your Italian shoes in top shape throughout their life cycle:

How to keep your Italian shoes in top shape?

We all love high quality comfortable shoes for any occasion. However, sometimes it become difficult to keep those shoes in shape. We have rounded up 7 most effective tips and tricks to keep your best luxury shoes mens.

Stay away from stains

Keep your Nordve dress shoes free from any stains. Treat spills immediately before waiting too long so the spot will not have time to sink into the leather material of your shoe.

If you already let a stain get through to the leather, keep it in check with baby oil. The baby oil can keep the leather moldable so you can rub off the colors. Then keep your Italian shoes away from water to keep them dry and fresh at all times.

Minimize the exposure

Keep your Ambers casual shoes clean by only exposing them to dirt when necessary. You can also keep them shiny with a mixture of vinegar and olive oil applied immediately after the shoe is done being exposed to dirt or mud.

Too much cleaning can be damaging

To keep your Veloce boots clean, leave them alone until they're relatively dirty before cleaning them up again. Cleaning too often will strip out the natural oils that help keep the leather flexible enough for walking in abusive terrains, but keep your boots looking decent at formal events.

Better to stay in the dark

Keep your Veloce shoes in the dark and cool place to keep mold and mildew growing on the leather. Do not keep them near scented objects as this may ruin their natural chemical balance; keep them away from strong-smelling items such as gasoline, perfumes, body sprays, etc.

Better to stay in the dark - best luxury shoes mens - Jose Real Shoes

If you keep their Italian shoes out of the sunlight for too long, then the color may fade however it is reversible if you bring back its color by applying a mixture of glycerin and water onto your dress shoe's leather material.

Polished and ready

For all types of Nordve shoes (dress shoes, casual shoes, boots), keep them well polished and conditioned so they will carry the shine for a longer period.

Your shoe loves AC too

Keep your Allen Edmonds shoes away from heat or air-conditioned rooms because this will keep the leather hard and stiff. To get rid of creases on Italian shoes, keep them in a shoe tree overnight to keep everything back where it should be again.

Final words

Having an expensive pair of Italian shoes keep their value over time is something that everyone wants, whether you are planning on keeping your Allen Edmonds dress shoes for yourself or planning on giving them as gifts to friends or family members.

Keep these tips in mind before looking for italian mens shoes online sale so you can keep your Italian shoes in top shape.