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by Jose Real •

green shoes for men

How to Pair Green Shoes for Men with Other Colors to Stand Out

Ah, green, the most prominent color of mother nature. Whenever we think of green, we think of trees, grass, and dollars (😉). However, green is also associated with envy. You’ve surely heard the phrase, “go green with envy.” In our opinion, green is a very misunderstood color. Therefore, we are here to talk about the symbolism of green and how green shoes for men bring forth certain positive qualities. So, without further delay, let’s jump right in.   The Symbolism of Green Throughout the History According to an article published by World History Encyclopedia, green (Ancient Egyptian name “wahdj”) was associated with rebirth and the afterlife in ancient Egypt. It is believed that the god Osiris had green skin, which represented fertility, regeneration, and the underworld. Green also suggested fresh growth, vegetation, and positive outcomes at that time. The Eye of Horus, one of the most sacred objects in Egyptian mythology, was also represented in green. In the Medieval European era, green was considered a soothing color. The writers of that time used to keep emeralds and other green things to look at them when they needed to give their eyes rest from writing. French poet Baudri de Bourgueil suggested writing on green tablets for this very reason. In Islamic history, green is associated with paradise, happiness, riches, and hope. The Prophet Mohammad liked wearing a green turban and other green fabrics. Green thus became a sacred color, which is why many copies of the Quran from the Middle Ages had green bindings or covers. It is also believed that green was used in Renaissance art to represent the natural world and was a symbol of hope and rebirth. It was also used to represent the clothing of the Virgin Mary and the robes of angels.  Before the 16th century, green dyes were made out of plants and green vegetables like ferns, plantains, buckthorn berries, etc. The invention of synthetic green pigments in the 18th century, such as emerald green and Paris green, led to a surge in the popularity of the color. It was used in fashion, home decor, and art.   Green Color & Mental Health There is a direct link between green hue and mental. Research has stated that spending time in nature, especially in green forests, significantly improves the immune, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems. It can also help in managing stress and improving mental health quality. Green also reduces anxiety and helps people focus on tasks. It also enhances positive cognitive outcomes like problem-solving, positive thinking, and improved memory.   Why Should You Wear Green Shoes? Green is a color that can go well with a variety of other hues and fashion trends, making it a flexible option for shoes. Being able to mix and match your shoes with various outfits without worrying about whether they match is helpful when it comes to everyday wear. Green dress shoes for men not only complement a variety of outfits but can also make a statement. You can differentiate yourself from the pack and flaunt your unique sense of style by selecting a less common color for your shoes. Another hue frequently connected to nature, growth, and harmony is green. You can draw on these uplifting associations by donning green shoes, which would elevate your mood and general well-being. The ability to express yourself through fashion can also help you feel more confident and like yourself, both of which positively affect your mental health. Fashion trends are always changing and developing, so depending on the trends, green shoes might be in style occasionally. You can look stylish in your green shoes and stay current with the latest fashion trends by keeping up with them.   What To Wear With Green Shoes For Men? There are many options for men when it comes to matching green shoes with an outfit. Listed below are a few suggestions:   Neutral Colors: To achieve a classic and sophisticated look, pair green shoes with neutral hues like black, white, and gray. For example, a white t-shirt and black jeans with a pair of green sneakers are a great casual outfit combo. Earthy Tones: Green can be paired with earthy tones like brown and beige for a natural and rustic appearance because these colors are related to nature. The perfect combination of earthy tones is a pair of green leather shoes for men with brown chinos and a beige sweater. Contrasting Colors: Red or yellow can be used as contrasting colors to pair with green shoes for a bolder appearance. A great example of a daring and attention-grabbing outfit is a pair of green loafers with red pants and a white shirt. Complementary Colors: Emerald green shoes for men can also be worn with complementary hues like blue or purple for a more harmonious and balanced appearance. A great illustration of an outfit that uses complementary colors is a pair of green sneakers paired with blue jeans and a purple hoodie.   Do Green Shoes Match With Anything? Yes, green shoes go well with nearly any color. They look particularly nice with neutrals like black, navy, gray, and white. Additionally, they go well with other green hues as well as complementary hues like blue and yellow. Try combining them with bold hues like red or pink for a daring appearance. The occasion should be considered when choosing how to style green shoes because, with the right combination, you’ll stand out. Wear them with a navy blazer or an all-black suit for a more formal occasion. Put them on with jeans and a polo or t-shirt for a more laid-back appearance. Green shoes will stand out with any outfit you choose!   Green Shoes From Jose Real Shoes   1. Veloce Blue Green Oxford The Veloce Blue Green Oxford is a marvel of both form and function. Its custom burnished toe and unique sole design set it apart as a true work of art, made even more impressive by the fact that it is all crafted by hand in Italy. But this shoe is not just about style.  The Blake stitched leather sole features a rubber insert, granting the wearer extra traction and security with each step. Additionally, premium calf leather is employed for durability. As an added bonus, a footbed cushion has been added to the heel for increased comfort – perfect for those long days on your feet.  Together, these carefully considered elements make the Veloce Oxford a stylish and practical choice for anyone looking to elevate their footwear collection.   2. Veloce Jean Verde Veloce Jean Verde is a stunning example of Italian craftsmanship at its finest. This exquisite wingtip derby is made from premium calf leather that has been elegantly hand-painted to create a unique, eye-catching texture that sets it apart from any other shoe.  The attention to detail is evident in every stitch, as the shoe has been Blake stitched for added durability and features a rubber insert in the sole to provide extra traction. To ensure maximum comfort, a footbed cushion has been added to the heel, making this shoe not only stylish but also functional.  When you wear the Veloce Jean Verde, you’ll be taking steps in a world-class singular piece that will make you feel confident and stylish with every stride.   Conclusion And that’s a wrap, guys. We have tried to include some fashion tips, tricks, and snippets about green and green leather shoes for men. In the end, we also included two of the greatest selection of Jose Real Shoes. These green leather shoes are a must-have.