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by Jose Real •

Carrera Italia Shoes

How to Rock Jose Real’s Carrera Italia Shoes

So, you have bought your favorite pair of Carrera Italia Shoes but now wondering how to style them. No worries, we are here to the rescue. In this article, we will share some tips and tricks about styling your Carrera shoes. So, without further ado, let’s get started.   What Are Carrera Shoes? As you know by now, Carrera shoes are one of the shoe collections of Jose Real Shoes. The Carrera sneaker is made with a smart silhouette from the finest calf leather and a singular sole that provides full traction and comfort.    Why Choose Jose Real’s Carrera Shoes? It’s Made in Italy (Yes, Italian Shoes) Jose Real’s Carrera shoes are really nice shoes that are made in Italy. As you know by now, Italy is famous for making really good shoes and leather, and Carrera shoes are no different.  The brand’s shoemakers are good at paying attention to small details and making shoes with great care. You can tell this when you look at every pair of Carrera Shoes.   Made with Premium Calf Leather Jose Real's Carrera shoes are really good because they are made of high-quality calf leather. This kind of leather is very strong and flexible and can fit perfectly to the shape of your feet.  It's also really soft and comfy, so these shoes are perfect if you want both style and comfort. Plus, calf leather is great at letting your feet breathe, so your feet won't get too hot and sweaty even on hot days.   The Shoes are Hand-painted Carrera shoes are painted by hand by skilled craftsmen who make sure every pair is special and pretty. This way of making them gives the shoes a one-of-a-kind appearance and feel. It also guarantees that each shoe's colors and patterns are the same.   Contains Rubber Sports Soles  Carrera Shoes are great for people who like to stay active. The shoes have special rubber soles that are very strong and can bend easily. These soles give you a good grip on the ground so you won't slip or fall.  They also have a special feature that helps absorb any shock your feet might feel when you walk or stand for a long time. This means your feet will stay comfortable even if you're on your feet all day.   Added Footbed Cushion to the Heel to Provide Extra Comfort Carrera shoes crafted by Jose Real Shoes are made to be really comfortable. The extra cushioning in the heel absorbs shock and better supports your foot, making you less tired and more comfortable overall.  This cushioning also helps your weight to be spread out evenly across your foot, which can lower the chance of getting foot pain or injuries.   Tips & Tricks For Wearing Carrera Italia Shoes For Men Carrera Shoes are Great for a Formal Occasion Carrera shoes are great for any occasion, especially formal ones. You can style them with a white dress shirt, suit, and tuxedo. Opt for shoes that compliment your attire. For example, you can pair your blue Carrera shoes with grey or brown suits. You can even team your black Carrera shoes with black clothing.   Spice Up Your Work Area Are you always striving to look your best, even on the busiest days? Do you want to impress your colleagues and clients? Then, consider adding a pair of Jose Real’s Carrera shoes to your wardrobe. Pair these babies with a tweed or flannel jacket and pants. These shoes' sleek and sophisticated design will elevate your look to the next level and help you stand out in any professional setting.   Create your Own Signature Style by Mixing and Matching Moreover, a well-dressed man can add value to the company he works for. As they say, the first impression is the last, and a polished appearance can help you make a lasting impression on your colleagues and clients. So, if you want to make a statement in the office, invest in a pair of Carrera shoes today and leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet! Are you tired of sticking to just formal dress codes? Why not mix things up and go for a half-formal, half-casual look? And who said that dress shoes couldn't go with jeans? Introducing the ever-versatile Carrera shoes from Jose Real. The perfect shoe to wear with both jeans and khaki pants. But wait, before you go grabbing any old pair of jeans, choose ones with a formal edge. Say goodbye to those ripped, white-washed jeans and go for a more polished look. When it comes to pairing your jeans with dress shoes, make sure the fit is just right. Baggy jeans are a no-go, and so are tight jeans. Strike the perfect balance for a sleek and stylish look. Here's a pro tip: Swap out the casual T-shirt for a dress shirt to elevate your look when wearing dress shoes with jeans. The top half of your outfit will give off a formal vibe, while the jeans keep it laid-back and cool.   Why Just Formal? Go Casual too Carrera Italian shoes are phenomenal for casual occasions as well. Wear a shirt and a buttoned cardigan or a button-down polo shirt. If you wear a polo shirt, tuck it in and add a leather belt. Wear jeans with a consistent dark color that is not ripped or white-washed. Depending on your mood, you can fold the jeans or leave them be if they're the right length.   Experiment with your Look and Create the Signature Style Lastly, have fun experimenting with your look. There’s no shame in figuring out your own signature style. For starters, you can choose a plain T-shirt and wear a vest on top of it. Putting on a vest or a sleeveless jacket can spice up your look. For winter, instead of a sleeveless jacket, opt for a full-sleeved jacket. Wear folded shorts and patterned socks that can go with your Carrera shoes.   Fashion Tips According To Shoe Colors Deep blue, brown, khaki, and black Carrera shoes are versatile and stylish footwear options that can be paired with a variety of outfits. Here are some tips on how to wear each color:   Deep Blue Carrera Shoes Deep blue Carrera shoes are perfect for adding a pop of color to a neutral outfit. They look great paired with khaki pants and a crisp white button-down shirt for a classic, sophisticated look. You can also wear them with dark jeans and a navy blazer for a smart casual look.   Brown Carrera Shoes Brown Carrera shoes are a great choice for a more casual look. They pair well with light-colored chinos and a patterned shirt or sweater. Pair them with a navy suit and a light-colored shirt for a dressier option.   Khaki Carrera Shoes Khaki Carrera shoes are a versatile choice that can be worn in a range of colors. They look great paired with dark jeans and a white shirt for a simple yet stylish outfit. You can also wear them with beige chinos and a navy blazer for a dressier look.   Black Carrera Shoes Black Carrera shoes are a classic choice that can be dressed up or down. They look great with a black suit and a white shirt for a formal event. Pair them with dark jeans and a black leather jacket for a more casual look.   But Why Jose Real Shoes? Jose Real is a brand of affordable luxury men's shoes manufactured in southern Italy and distributed primarily in the United States. Unlike other upscale brands, Jose Real designs are genuine, the firm does not imitate any global luxury brand or competitor, and it is recognized in the market for its uniqueness.  Currently, the brand is present at some of the best independent retailers across the US, including stores at premium locations such as Beverly Hills (CA), The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Long Island (NY), Sarasota (FL), Boca Raton (FL), or Southlake (TX), among others.  Our background begins in 1969 as a family endeavor with timeless artistry and passionate craftsmanship behind every shoe. Inspired by his roots, the youngest son has developed his own shoe collection, Jose Real, combining the tradition from his family’s old operation with the expertise and craftsmanship of Naples in Italy, merging heritage with a modern identity.  Each Jose Real shoe is designed with excellence in mind, unique in its design, and is handcrafted by skilled artisans that treat leather as the true start of their shoes, with passion for details, using a handmade coloring process that defines the philosophy and soul of our brand: a confident and inspired style with roots in tradition, quality, design, and modernity.   Conclusion Now that you know how to team your Carrera shoes, go rock the world. Also, don’t forget to check our website and purchase the best shoes.