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Walking Tall: The Magic of Men’s Black Leather Shoes

by Jose Real |

A study conducted in 1990 and 2000 found that shoes affect self-perceptions and perceptions of others. Footwear isn’t just a piece of clothing; it’s a reservoir of memories and meaning in our lives.

A good-looking and fitting pair of shoes can make you feel like million bucks. They are pixie dust that turns you into someone else (think of the iconic Cinderella and her glass heels, but gender-reversed). 

But what this has to do with men’s black leather casual shoes, you may ask. Oh, everything!  And today, we will talk exactly about that, so if you don’t want to read the intro, jump to the next segment.


What Is So Special About The Color Black?

Black has been associated with power, poise, intelligence, and attractiveness for several reasons. 

One of the main reasons black symbolizes power is its association with darkness and mystery. In many cultures, darkness often represents the unknown. So, black is often used to represent power and authority because it embodies a deep sense of mystery. Besides power, black is also seen as a symbol of strength and resilience, as it can absorb light and energy.

Black is also seen as a symbol of intelligence and sophistication. This stems from the fact that the color is often associated with formal or professional attire. Another reason can be that black is usually worn by people in positions of authority or intelligence. It is also a neutral color that can be paired with other colors, making it a versatile choice for all occasions.

The dark color is also a favorite amongst chubby people because of its slimming effect. Wearing black can make a person look slimmer and more stylish compared to other colors. The great thing about this color is it complements everyone.


Why Are Leather Shoes So In Demand?

Leather is a highly durable material that can withstand wear and tear for a long time. This makes leather shoes a popular choice for people looking for shoes that will last for years. 

They are also comfortable to wear once you successfully “break” them. Leather is a natural material that can adapt to the shape of the wearer’s foot. Leather also allows for better air circulation, which keeps the feet cool and dry.

Like the color black, leather shoes are also seen as a symbol of status and sophistication. If you wear a pair of high-quality leather shoes, you will give an impression of success, style, and class. Weather leather shoes can also be beneficial in professional settings as you look more put together.

As leather can be dyed in various colors and finishes, you can enjoy a range of styles. From men's casual shoes of black leather to casual brown leather boots, there is a leather shoe for every occasion.


Black + Leather Shoes = A Bomb Combination!

Together, black and leather shoes create a powerful and fashionable combination that will turn heads. Black leather casual shoes men’s are a fashion statement that you should own. Here are some reasons why black leather shoes for men are one of a kind.


Sense of Professionalism

Black leather shoes for men have something alluring in them. They exude an aura of seriousness which can interpret as a sense of professionalism. In addition, men who wear black leather shoes reported having an increased sense of competence, expertise, and confidence. So, if you want to nail a presentation or create a lasting impression on your boss, opt for black leather shoes.


Style Statement

Now, black leather shoes aren’t only for office settings or boring formal events, as many people think. There’s something timeless in it. If you want to explore a more casual setting, simply pair your black shoes with casual attire. Put some color in your attire to make it a style statement.

For example, if you feel your black shoes, black pants, and white shirt look boring, just throw on a red blazer to spice it up. The great thing about black shoes is it goes with any style.


Black Leather Shoes mean High-quality

Black leather shoes are usually made of superior-quality materials and great attention to detail. Men like to wear a well-made pair of such shoes because they make them feel superior. A shoe made with good craftsmanship gives men a sense of pride and confidence. This is in our psychology, which is why we like quality products no matter how expensive.


Gives the Impression of Status and Class

We have explained above how black leather shoes are very work-appropriate and give off confident workplace energy. However, black shoes are only for work. You can wear black shoes at an important event or an occasion. For example, you can wear such shoes at a corporate event, an award show, a wedding, and the list goes on.

Black leather shoes are worn by many influential people, so we automatically imagine ourselves as influential and important when we wear them.


Types of Leather Shoes


Calfskin is the most commonly used leather in men’s shoes. High-end shoes like Beaverbrook oxford or Westmorland derbies are made from the finest vegetable-tanned calfskin. The leather is soft but durable. And because of that, it’s comfortable to wear and can also last for ages with proper care. Calfskin shoes are versatile and can be used for many occasions ranging from formal to casual.



Cordovan isn’t exactly leather, but its appearance is similar. It’s a fibrous membrane that’s taken from horsehide. The reason Cordovan is so famous amongst shoe enthusiasts is that it is exceptionally durable and has a glossy finish to it. Like calfskin, Cordovan can also be chosen for both formal and casual shoes.



Nubuck and suede, too, are great leathers for shoe-making. Nubuck is a velvety leather made by sanding the outside of the animal hide. Suede leather is also made from animal hide, but it’s softer and more pliable than nubuck. 

Due to their soft and relaxed textures, they are usually avoided in formal shoe construction. They are better suited for casual footwear choices. Another disadvantage of these leathers is that they don’t have waterproofing capabilities. This means they are only preferable for summertime. 



Snake, crocodile, and ostrich leather are known as exotics. However, they aren’t used for common leather shoes. This is because it’s difficult to source such exotic leathers, and they are more expensive. Thus exotic leathers are only used in luxury shoe construction. 

Owning a pair of exotic leather shoes gives some edge to your style and personality. Shoes like that are used mainly for formal and momentous occasions. 


The Bottom Line

Not a fan of modernized leather shoes? You can wear vintage design men’s casual leather shoes in black/brown. 

The aim of this post was to understand why black leather shoes are timeless pieces and why people adore them. If you’re not a fan of black leather shoes (which is totally normal), then wear whatever color you like. It doesn’t matter, as long as you feel on top of the world!

With that said, those who love black leather shoes and want to explore some hand painted black leather shoe options, check out Jose Real Shoes.